• Yuliia Bohdan, Founder and CEO

  • Ukrainian brand SIX was created in 2017 by Yuliia Bohdan, a young Ukrainian designer.
    All the patterns of the brand are famous for their shapes and cut.
    Yuliia was pushed towards her inspiration by previous generations. The brand’s DNA is based on elegance, manners, focus on appearance as self-respect and love to others.
    Yuliia is sure that nice clothes have therapeutic effect. The visual effect of fashion lies in the combination of symmetry, texture, color and shape. Taken in the right proportions, it makes up the luxury code of a woman.
    Each collection is a small wonder. We see a woman as perfection and fashion as art. Boldly combining these two components, we get the civilization potential for survival and development. We want to share with you this tiny sense of living presented by clothes.
    The 2024 collection was created early in spring as a new chapter of renaissance. With faith in miracle and own superpowers. The strength to live and tenderness of a woman.

    You may follow Yuliia on Instagram @Bogdan_Joly